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That’s a WRAP!

That does it folks! Thank you for a safe and great competition week! The spirit of the week was perfectly encapsulated tonight by the teams who helped clean up and transform the hangar for tomorrows meetings. That does not go unnoticed and it was greatly appreciated!

A reminder that the captains meeting is being changed to 0900, to be immediately followed by the business meeting at 1000.

Short Field recap and plan for Friday

Thank you for being flexible today! We certainly hate when weather doesn’t play nice, but you were all very efficient and responsive when we needed staged and parked. Thank you for a safe day!

Tomorrow, we are planning on a 0800 brief for message drop. Judges are asked to report at 0730. If we can get all of message drop done, we will move back into short field landings.

DISCLAIMER*** If, upon the dawn of the new day tomorrow we find the NWS has been off its forecast, we will reassess the situation. Please come prepared to do either message drop or short field right off the bat.

Landings/Weather Update

Well, this is less than ideal. The weather has not produced a viable enough window for us to feel confident in resuming landings. We are hoping this second line over Madison goes through quickly. If it stays it’s course, we should be ready to stage and start again as soon as the weather is out of range. Just guesstimating right now, that would be around 1330 to start staging. Await final word to be announced in the hangar and via these updates.