This year the aircraft for the preflight event will be Piper Pa-28-201 Arrow. N31VR.  This will be the first time we have held a Virtual Preflight Competition, and as such, we are finalizing the scoring parameters for the 10 “bonus” points for preflight technique.  The event will be held over Zoom, one on one with a contestant and a judge.  The judge will share their screen and then give control to the contestant.  The contestant will control the PowerPoint presentation calling out any squawks on each slide.  Each slide may or may not have any discrepancies on it.  Below is a PowerPoint that looks and functions like the PowerPoint that will be used in the competition.  This presentation below will afford contestants the chance to preview the aircraft for the event and gain familiarity with the PowerPoint presentation style.  Please direct all questions to the NIFA Senior Chief Judge, Erich Hess.

Preflight Scoresheet

Preflight Event Preview PowerPoint  (Download and viewing in PowerPoint is HIGHLY recommended)