Landing Events Specifics:

  • The pictures below depict the maximum authorized traffic pattern limits of a 0.75 NM wide downwind and a 1.25 NM final approach leg length. Flight outside these limits will result in a penalty. A link will be posted at a later date that can be opened in Google Earth, including aerial tours of the patterns. Downloading and viewing of this file is highly recommended as well as viewing the pictures prior to arriving at SAFECON.
  • Below are links to a safety review presentation containing detailed information on many penalties and document containing descriptions of all current landing penalties.  Review of this material is essential to operating safely and should be reviewed by all contestants before arriving at SAFECON.
  • Five (5) contestants from each school are permitted in each landing event.
  • Only two (2) landings will be permitted, both will count for score.

NIFA Judge’s Committee Landings Safety Review