Traffic pattern altitude for all NIFA aircraft at Janesville airport will be 800′ AGL.

Practice Landing Heats

All practice landing heats at Janesville airport will be scheduled by the Chief Judge on a day-to-day basis. A sign-up form, open until 5pm for the next day’s slots, will be used to build a heat sheet based on the submitted preferences. Slots will be equally divided among teams who have indicated their practice preferences. After all schools are given an equal number of slots, any remaining slots will be given to the schools which have arrived to JVL most recently. Heat position assignments will be random for positions 2-4, and position 1 will be evenly distributed among the schools. The Chief Judge may retain any number of slots to be distributed at their discretion. 

The following specifics also apply:

  • Slots starting on the hour (:00) are for Short-Field
  • Slots starting on the half hour (:30) are for Power-Off
  • Full stop landing must be made at the end of your slot time, whether or not the next heat is ready at the runway

Landing Event Details

  • Five (5) contestants from each team are permitted in each landing event.
  • Only two (2) landings will be permitted, both will count for score.
  • The pictures below depict the maximum authorized traffic pattern limits of a 0.75 NM wide downwind and a 1.25 NM final approach leg length. Click on the picture to download a full resolution version. Flight outside these limits will result in a penalty. A link is posted to a .kmz file that can be opened in Google Earth to view the pattern in more detail. Downloading and viewing of this file is highly recommended as well as viewing the pictures prior to arriving at SAFECON.

Power Off Landings Heat Sheet

Short Field Landings Heat Sheet

NIFA Landing Events Safety Review

The above link is a safety review presentation containing detailed information on many penalties. The link below is a document containing descriptions of all current landing penalties.  Review of this material is essential to operating safely and should be reviewed by all contestants before arriving at SAFECON.

Penalty Descriptions for Landing Events

Runway 4 Pattern Limits

Runway 14 Pattern Limits

Runway 22 Pattern Limits

Runway 32 Pattern Limits

Google Earth Pattern Limits