Ground Trainer


*NEW* The number of contestants allowed in this event will be increased to a maximum of three (3) per school.

The device will be a Frasca RTD with G1000 panel.

The event judge and the chief judges have determined the following restrictions for SAFECON 2024:

Permitted Equipment:

  • A copy of the pattern furnished by the judge will be the only copy allowed in the flight training device. The pattern shall be distributed to all teams at the General Contestant Briefing. Contestants may, at their own discretion, add individual markings or notations to the copy of the pattern provided by the judge.
  • Contestants may bring a timing device with them. This timing device must not be programmable or emit any signals until the end of the pattern. This timing device must not have internet connectivity.
  • No other devices may be used by the contestant during the event.

Reference 1.F. in the NIFA Rulebook for additional information on electronic devices throughout the competition.