IFR Simulated Flight


For this event, Frasca will be bringing and using their newest sim called the Frasca RTD; it will be configured as a Cessna 172 with G1000. The G1000 will be simplified; the MFD will be active, however contestants will be prohibited from using advanced features such as GPS, autopilot, flight plans, frequency auto tune, nearest, zoom, declutter, etc.


Scoring will be done using GE’s analytical software tool—EMS—an industry standard for high powered aviation data analytics.

Once uploaded, EMS segments each flight or scenario into distinct graded events for the pilot’s review post flight. This is achieved by evaluating the parameters available on the device such as airspeed, altitude, heading, rate-of-turn, power/engine management, and navaid tracking and intercepting.


For the 2024 NIFA Competition, EMS has calibrated the performance limitations to meet commercial/Instrument standards. See the commercial and instrument ACS for further explanation.


Results will be delivered to competitors through comprehensive performance charts alongside a 3D view of the flight powered by Google Earth. This will be done once all participants have completed their flights, every pilot will receive a detailed individual dashboard of their performance alongside aggregated data summarizing their competitors’ performances. NIFA suggests that competitors review the results with their coach after the competition.



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For NIFA’s SafeCon Competition, GE’s EMS software will be leveraged to autonomously evaluate competitors’ flights on Frasca’s RTD competition device. This guarantees impartial results for all participants while providing comprehensive feedback to each pilot.


Rudy Frasca, the founder of Frasca International, embarked on his journey with NIFA SAFECON by competing in the 1954 competition as a young aviator. Since then, his visionary leadership has seamlessly integrated Frasca’s unwavering support for safety by fostering a legacy of enduring commitment to NIFA’s mission. Over the years, Frasca’s contributions have transcended mere financial aid, extending to the provision of flight simulators for the Ground Trainer Event annually since 1970, and another for the IFR Simulator Flight Event since 1999. Furthermore, Frasca’s personnel are instrumental in both designing and examining the entirety of the IFR Simulator Event, showcasing their dedication to NIFA’s success.


FlightSafety International (FSI) is a world-leading supplier of cutting-edge, advanced-technology training devices of commercial aircraft for operators worldwide. Drawing upon decades of expertise, world-class engineering, and manufacturing capabilities, FSI delivers robust training solutions that redefine excellence. At FSI, pilots undergo rigorous training to maintain peak performance, hone their skills, and remain ever-ready for the challenges of each flight. This commitment transcends mere compliance – it’s about fostering a culture of preparedness and safety. Through partnerships with organizations like NIFA, FSI not only champions aviation safety but also advances the mission of cultivating a cadre of highly trained, proficient, and safety-conscious pilots