***Event Scenario Update***

Amend planning packet to read: For the purpose of PLANNING assume departure at 8:00 Hawaii Standard Time/ 1800 Zulu on May 9, 2022. Once in the simulator the clock will be set to 7:40 HST/ 1740 Zulu with a planned departure time of 8:00 HST. If you would prefer us to set the clock to the current time, we can do that on request. Assume the weather listed below, obtained as part of a standard weather briefing, is current for the day and time of your event.


Threat and Error Management (TEM) is an important and effective concept used in CRM and will be part of the scoring of the event this year. In addition to the general CRM/LOFT Event information posted below, there is also an introduction to TEM for those who may not be familiar. A sample TEM Score Sheet is posted and will be used in conjunction with the CRM/LOFT Score Sheet.


Practice Day Preparation

Redbird Panel Video Tour

2022 CRM/LOFT Event

Introduction to TEM

TEM Score Sheet

TEM Scoring Guidelines


CRM location, access via ramp