CRM/LOFT Practice Day Information

NIFA Flight Operations Manual (FOM) Revision 2

This document was previously called “CRM/LOFT Event” to provide general information about the event. Further information, specific for SAFECON 2024, will be provided at the General Contestant Briefing.

The instrument panel this year will be a G1000. 

The following panel video tour still highlights switches and useful information for how to fly during the event. Specific G1000 functionality applicable to the event will be briefed prior to scheduled practices.

Redbird Panel Video Tour

Threat and Error Management (TEM) is an important and effective concept used in CRM and will be part of the scoring of the event this year. In addition to the general CRM/LOFT Event information posted below, there is also an introduction to TEM for those who may not be familiar. A sample TEM Score Sheet is posted and will be used in conjunction with the CRM/LOFT Score Sheet.

Introduction to TEM

TEM Score Sheet

TEM Scoring Guidelines