Several real-time Google Calendars will be embedded below.  Once loaded, if you add these calendars to your personal Google calendar and configure notifications to alert you of event changes, you will be automatically notified of schedule changes.  The first link, Schedule of Events, is the current planned schedule for the week.  If we need to make major changes to the schedule, it will be communicated by the Chief Judge. Below this will be the calendars for each event with specific appointment times.  They will show what schools have booked specific time slots for each event.  Those calendars will become visible once the Appointment Calendars open.  If you need to make changes to your own appointments, please first try to coordinate changes by reaching out to the school that might be able to help you.  If you still run into problems scheduling, contact the Chief Judge.

Schedule of Events

Practice Session Calendars

These calendars are for the practice sessions ONLY for the below events.  The schedules for the competition events are located farther down on the page.

Competition Event Calendars

Below are the calendars for all competition events that require a scheduled appointment.  Again, if you need to change your appointment due to a conflict, please try to work with each other to trade times.  If you still cannot make the change you need, contact the Chief Judge.