In order to publish Navigation Heat Sheets in a timely manner, we require teams to submit information for their Navigation aircraft by TBD. Only the authorized coach/advisor may complete this form.  We will not be calling or emailing to verify your submissions!  The link will only work for individuals registered as an Advisor or a Coach for the current year.  If you cannot access the form, the link does not work, or you have a question about whether you are registered as an Advisor/Coach, please email the Senior Chief Judge at

  • Please click the link below and enter ONLY the aircraft you intend to fly in the Navigation event.
  • Please only fill out the form once you are reasonably certain of which aircraft you intend to fly.  N-number changes will be accepted, but TAS MUST remain accurate.
  • With regards to your “Estimated Cockpit Preparation Time,” please try to be as accurate as possible.  We will not force you to taxi if you are not ready, but that will negatively impact our ability to remain on schedule.  If you over-estimate time, we may allow you to taxi early if adequate separation exists on your specific route.
  • You MUST have at least 2 aircraft if you intend to enter 3 contestants. If only using 2 aircraft, whichever aircraft flies in heat 1 will then fly in heat 3.  Please indicate this by placing a * after the tail number. (N123AB*)  It is not possible to schedule any other way.
  • Once the heat sheet is published, you MUST fly the TAS as published.  Be certain when you enter the information, of what you will be able to fly.  If you change aircraft after the heat sheet is published, you will have to fly at what ever TAS was assigned to that position.  This is done to maintain safe separation and efficiency along the routes of flight.  

Once you have read the above information and are an Advisor or Coach, click the button below to submit your aircraft information.

*Updated* Contestant Planning Form

2019 Navigation Event Heat Sheet (Coming Soon!)

Fueling locations will be posted here prior to the start of competition.