School Registration – for the Host School

Please provide as much information as you know at this time. If you need to provide more information and/or make updates, please resubmit the form. Billing information with The Ohio State University Airport must be set up separately – see the information below.

School Registration

In case we have questions

Team Information

Name, street, city
MM slash DD slash YYYY
MM slash DD slash YYYY
Total number of rooms, regardless of whether or not they're all for the same length of time.
Number of rooms x number of nights - could vary if not all rooms are booked for the same length of stay
Total number of participants: student competitors and advisors
Please provide a decently high-resolution photo (typically more than 2MB, preferably 300dpi or better) of your team and the names of those pictured in the following box.
Max. file size: 128 MB.
Please list those pictured, left-to-right and front-to-back.

Aircraft Information

Please provide tail numbers of aircraft you're bringing and their aircraft type(s). Changes can be made by resubmitting this form again with just the updated information.
Arrival date of your competition aircraft if different than the arrival date of the team listed above.
MM slash DD slash YYYY

Billing Information

Each college or university will have a single account for all charges at KOSU (fuel, maintenance, etc.). Tail numbers of the aircraft each college or university brings will be linked to their respective account. Each college or university will receive a single bill at the conclusion of the SAFECON. Please call the OSU Airport FBO, (614) 292-5580, with the following information to create the billing account:

  • School/Name
  • Expected Aircraft Tail Numbers and Type(s)
  • Any special fueling instructions
  • Billing Information
  • Sales Tax Exempt ID (If applicable. Forms must be sent to and on file with KOSU.)
  • Contact Person Responsible for Account
  • Payment Information

Accepted forms of payment include: Cash, Check, Credit Card (Epic, Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover). Checks can be made out to “The Ohio State University Airport.” If you are using a bank credit card, do not mail, fax, or email this information to KOSU. Please call (614) 292-5580 or bring it with you at check-in.
*Note: Accounts need to be set-up prior to your arrival.
You may opt to be charged at the time of service. That arrangement can be made upon request. Otherwise, your credit card will be automatically billed upon departure and all corresponding paperwork emailed. Please also indicate upon account setup if you will need the receipt itemized per aircraft.

Insurance Information

The Ohio State University Airport requests that you please mail an insurance certificate for the SAFECON event being held at KOSU. We would like the certificate to include the entire time period your team and aircraft are at KOSU for the event.

The Ohio State University Airport 

Austin E Knowlton Executive Terminal

2160 West Case Road, Columbus, OH 43235

All participating schools shall maintain an aircraft physical damage and liability insurance (occurrence based coverage) policy. With regard to aircraft liability coverage, participating schools shall maintain a liability limit with respect to each claim or occurrence of no less than USD $5,000,000.

Participating schools agree to provide OSU and NIFA with Certificates of Insurance prior to April 30, 2022, evidencing said aircraft hull and liability insurance coverage for aircraft to be utilized in the competition with a financially sound aviation insurance company. With regard to aircraft liability coverage, “The Ohio State University, its employees, and its Board of Trustees” and “NIFA, its employees and the NIFA Council” shall be included as an Additional Insured. If a participating school is unable to name The Ohio State University and NIFA as additional insureds in its policy, the participating school will provide The Ohio State University and NIFA an indemnity (in writing) backed by insurance.

Summary of specific items:

  • Certificate Addresses: “The Ohio State University, its employees, and its Board of Trustees”
  • Naming OSU as an Additional Insured
  • A provision waiving subrogation. Sample language: Each party further agrees that such insurance carried by either of them shall contain a clause whereby the insurance company waives its right of subrogation against the other party.
  • Liability limit of USD $5,000,000

Competitor Registration

Please also complete participant-specific registration for SAFECON: