Hello and Welcome everyone to the 2017 Region VIII NIFA Competition!

This page is where there will be any updates during the contest as far as schedule changes and other important info that has been decided after hours. We will try and send a text to a coach/advisor of each team as well to check the here for updates.

If you have not done so, EVERY TEAM MEMBER AND COACH/ADVISOR need to fill out the form to the right titled CONTESTANT INFORMATION. If you fail to fill out this form we will have no way to judge your performance and make sure you get the earned points for you and your school’s team.

Thanks and can’t wait to see everyone next week!

Monday Oct 23

Hello Everyone I am glad to see all of our teams getting a chance to practice for landings. The forecast is looking pretty good for this week’s competition. If you have not already done so please get a hold of me or and of the Judges to let us know your planned aircraft for landings. Also I think Kevin already came around and asked but we need to know your aircraft for NAV as well.   ~Fly Safe!

Wednesday Oct, 25

Good morning and I hope your ready for ground events today! The order of events has changed slightly from the original plan. We will start with Scan followed by Rec and the  E6B.  Don’t forget we are meeting at the quincy campus for these events. Please have all of your supplies needed for test taking today.

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