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Region V SAFECON 2017 revised[5503]

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Schedule for today, Friday Oct. 13

It looks like the forecast has improved enough we should get a window to fly today. Competitors, please report at 0800 in the old terminal building, judges report at 0745 in the old terminal. Plan to start with Power Off Landings, then moving to Shorts, and finally Message Drop. See everyone out there!


Preliminary plan for Fri, 10/13

Let’s plan for a 0800 report tomorrow am. The wx does not look good, but if it does improve, we can still get it all done if it’s good enough at 0800. Realistically, expect this time to slide to the right and be closer to 0900 or 1000. I will update by 0700 tomorrow morning […]


Updated Schedule for today, 10/12

We will hold the preflight event at 1230.  The schedule is as follows: UND: 1230 DBQ:  1315 MKT:  1400 Each team may have 2 contestants, if you would like to have a 3rd contestant observe, they may do so with your 2nd competitor but must remain quiet and out of the way of the judges. […]


Schedule for 10/12

The weather is still down and forecast to remain low until about 1PM. We will hold the ground trainer event at 0800 and the Preflight aircraft will be open for viewing from 0800-1000. Ground trainer and PF judges please show at 0745, the rest of the judges please show at 0930. The afternoon will likely […]


***Judge Schedule Update***

Judges please report at 0930 at the airport tomorrow am. Sim and PF judges please report at 0745. Next update at 7 am. Schedule plan remains as the previous post. Thanks!


Preliminary Plan for Thursday, October 12

Right now the TAF is forecasting 600 OVC and 5 SM vis after 11 AM and worse before that.  Plan for Ground Trainer and Preflight Event preview at 0800-1000.  The rest of the days plan will depend on the weather.  I may post a 2nd update later tonight if things change, but I will post […]