NIFA Safety & Rules Review

Welcome to your 2017 NIFA Rules/Policy/Competition Quiz

1) What criteria must be evaluated when conducting a personal assessment for competition?
2) During the Short Field Landing Event, which of the following will earn you a 200 point penalty?
3) A team advisor must be present at SAFECON as the official representative for his/her team.
4) The traffic pattern altitude for SAFECON 2017 is:
5) The weather is currently 2,000' overcast with 4 SM visibility with winds of 130@15KTS G 25KTS. Using runway 9L, what flight events could be held?
6) The maximum tailwind component for either of the landing events is:
7) A coach or advisor may observe their competitor's landings from the landing box only if invited by the Landing Event Judge.
8) During the landing events, proper spacing in the traffic pattern is best accomplished by:
9) There is a 7 knot crosswind in the landing events.  You touch down on the upwind wheel 60' short of the target line and the downwind wheel touches down at 20' short of the target line.  You improperly relax your ailerons to neutral, causing the upwind wheel to lift off the runway and come back down 70' beyond the target line.  Realizing your mistake, you crank the ailerons back into the wind and now your downwind wheel comes up outside the landing box.  Assuming no other penalties, what will your distance score be?
10) A contestant in the Navigation Event realizes they are approaching the 1st checkpoint far ahead of the planned ETA.  It is permissible to adjust speed in which of the following manners:
11) A contestant in the Navigation Event accidentally plots the course backwards.  The contestant is...
12) The turn to final must be completed no lower than ____ feet AGL in the landing events and no lower than ____ feet AGL in Message Drop.
13) The CRM/LOFT event will include focus on TEM.  Which of the following are true?  Select all that apply:
14) A competitor could face penalty or disqualification from SAFECON events for violation of the NIFA Code of Conduct.
15) Incorrect answers on the SCAN, Computer Accuracy, or Aircraft Recognition tests are deducted from the number of correct answers to achieve the final score.
16) In the Ground Trainer event, a 400' deviation from altitude will result in a disqualification.
17) NIFA Judges are expected to:
18) Failure to identify symbols or geographic references on the ground in the Navigation Event will result in:
19) You missed a checkpoint on your navigation flight by 6.2 nautical miles.  How many penalty point will be assessed for this missed turnpoint?
20) In the landing events, when the fuselage of the aircraft drifts outside the extended runway edge line for 3 seconds with no correction back to centerline, an excessive deviation penalty is assessed.
21) What is the maximum distance from runway centerline the downwind leg may be flown to maintain a constant, and reasonable traffic pattern?
22) How is an excessively hard landing defined?
23) You have flown the best navigation route of your life so far, you have been exactly on time to each of the first 5 checkpoints!  As you approach the last checkpoint, you realize you are going to be late.  Despite your best efforts to speed up, you cross the last checkpoint 8 seconds late.  How many penalty points will you be assessed for timing on your flight?
24) Your estimated fuel burn for your navigation flight is 11.3 gallons.  At the end of the flight you refuel and put 10.2 gallons back on.  Will you accrue penalty points for your fuel burn error?
25) Your estimated fuel burn for your navigation flight is 11.3 gallons.  At the end of the flight you refuel and put 11.4 gallons back on.  Will you accrue penalty points for your fuel burn error?
26) An aircraft in the landing events lowers the nose in an attempt to salvage a high approach and the upper wing surface becomes visible to the judges.  What penalty will be assessed?
27) You are competing in the Power Off landing event.  As you roll out on downwind, you realize the airplane you are following has flown farther out than you expected.  You reduce the power to idle and do not add any flaps.  On base leg, you clear the engine.  Somehow, you manage to limp in and make a safe landing with the flaps up in the box 65 feet short of the target line.  Assuming no other penalties, what will your score be for this landing?
28) At what time must all NIFA flights cease?
29) After adding flaps, a competitor may retract them as long as they do it above 100' AGL.
30) Which of the following will result in the least number of penalty points or punitive action when attempting to salvage a bad approach in the landing events?