SAFECON 2021 Events and Schedule

Welcome to the 2021 NIFA SAFECON! Below you will find the official list of events and
schedule. Throughout the week, we have additional, exciting events scheduled – stay tuned for
more information.

Except as stated below, all events will take place from May 17th to May 22nd, 2021.
The Opening Ceremony and General Contestant Briefing will be May 17th online (time to be
announced). The Awards Ceremony will conclude events on May 22nd (time to be announced).

SAFECON 2021 will be comprised of:
● Aircraft Recognition*
● Simulated Comprehensive Aircraft Navigation (SCAN)*
● Computer Accuracy*
● Aircraft Preflight Inspection
● Ground Trainer
● CFI Event
● Men’s and Women’s Achievement Awards
● Loening Trophy
● Coach of the Year Award

*These three events will be conducted similarly to the virtual Regional SAFECONs held earlier
this year. For test security and integrity, NIFA will mail the testing materials to the NIFA test
proctor, if one will be present, or the Advisor administering the tests. In the event the testing
materials are sent to the Advisor of a team, the testing materials may not be opened until the
online meeting has begun and the NIFA test proctor has directed that the tests be opened.
These three tests may be taken any time between May 10th and May 19th. The deadline to
submit tests for scoring will be 23:59 EDT on May 19th.

Individual Events & Awards

Scheduling for the CFI Event will be made available once the event details have been
The Achievement Awards application and scheduling is available.
Nominations for Coach of the Year are now open and may be submitted until 23:59 EDT on May 21st.
Loening Trophy entry information is on the Individual Events & Awards. Entries must be submitted to and


Student Registration for SAFECON 2021 is available online and must be completed prior to the
General Contestant Briefing. Vouchers for registration are available for coaches who initiate the
registration process.
See all news and developments for SAFECON 2021 on the Chief Judge Updates page.
You can also follow and get notifications from @SAFECONChief on Twitter.