JVL Arrival & Navigation Reminder

If you are arriving prior to Thursday, May 9th,  Please advise ground control on arrival that you are here for “SAFECON” or “Competition.”  They will then clear you to park near the terminal.  Once situated, please work with the airport operation folks to secure parking until NIFA staff are on property and can help get everyone situated.

If you are arriving on Thursday, May 9th or later, again advise ground that you are here for “SAFECON” or “Competition” and they will clear you to the shutdown box.  NIFA staff will then coordinate with airport personnel for parking.

Remember, Navigation aircraft submissions are due TONIGHT the 30th, at 11:59 PM Central.  This is for both the aircraft information and whether you will be traditional or unlimited.  If you do not submit a preference, you will be unlimited by default.