CRM & Ground Trainer Update

Thank you to Frasca and Redbird for their big contributions this year!  Due to the lack of simulators at Wisconsin, both companies stepped up in a big way to provide us with new and exciting equipment for our competition.

Ground Trainer:Frasca is going to be providing a brand new Reconfigurable Training Device (RTD) that is also a brand new product for them!  It will be configured for 6-pack operations.  To read more about it, click on the link below:

CRM:Redbird is also providing one of their full motion simulators for our CRM event!  The Redbird MCX will feature an enclosed two crew flight deck.  To read more about the simulator, click the link below:

We are still working on building a scenario, and as such cannot provide any final configuration guidance at the moment.  When we do know more about the configuration we will pass that along immediately.

Again, a big THANK YOU to our sponsors for providing these tools for us.