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Outstanding Team Member Nominations

The deadline for Outstanding Team Member (and other nomination awards) is rapidly approaching. Right now, only 7 schools have submitted their nominations for Outstanding Team Member. Please visit the “Individual Events & Awards” page to submit your nomination for Outstanding Team Member, Red Baron Team Sportsmanship, and Coach of the Year. The deadline is 5 PM today!

Landing Aircraft Data

Advisors, we need you to input information about your aircraft for the landing events. Go to and log in. Select “Landings Scoring” and then select “2019 National SAFECON Landing Events.” On the page that loads, under the Advisors section, select “Landing Card Data.” Edit each heat and position that appears. Please start with the Power Off Event, as that is what we will be doing today.

See Erich Hess or Jared Testa after the landing briefing for assistance. Thank you!

Appointment Calendars Updated

We updated all of the event appointment calendars this morning. Only the event calendars have been updated, the practice sessions have not changed. The updates caused several appointments to be rescheduled by a few minutes, usually only 5 or 10 minutes. We did have to cancel a few appointments. All affected appointments have been emailed the changes. The appointment calendars are now visible on the Schedule page. If you cannot find a time slot that works, please visit the Schedule page to see if you can trade with another school. We are sorry for any inconvenience.