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Nav Fuel Truck & Shut Down Procedures

Good Evening,

After you return from NAV, the fuel vendor has asked the competitors to not touch the fuel truck itself.  They will attach the ground wire and unroll the hose for you and you can then fuel your aircraft.

If anything isn’t hooked up or correct, politely ask the fuel technician to correct the issue.

Also, please shut down as close to the south side of the shut down box as possible to leave room for transient aircraft to move.


Returning Nav Aircraft Shut Down

NAV Shut Down:

Due to many different types of flying events being run today and tomorrow, there have been instances of more aircraft arriving than the shut down box can hold.  Keep this in mind, the most prudent course of action will be looked upon favorably in these instances.

If you are in a landing heat, please continue to use the shut down box as your only means of terminating your flight.

If you are a NAV aircraft that is arriving, please park abeam the box to the south.  Under no circumstances may you taxi through the ramp to shut down.

Thanks, and be safe out there!

Safety Quiz & 4/29 Practice Landings

***REMINDER***  The deadline to complete the safety quiz is tomorrow at 12 noon!  This is required of all schools, and there will be a prize for the winning school.  All advisors have been emailed the instructions for the quiz and the password.  Please contact the Senior Chief Judge with any questions.


Signups for practice landing slots for tomorrow am will be held today at 5 PM in the student hangar.

4/28 Afternoon Landing Slots


I hope you all had a great day of practice. The weather looks great tomorrow, so let’s keep up the great work and have another safe day of practice!

We’ll sign up for afternoon slots at 10am. Since some have asked, this is a “must be present to win” event. If you’re going to want slots in the afternoon, you need to be there for sign ups at 10am.

Have an enjoyable Terre Haute evening, see you all in the AM.

Landing Heat/Card Data & Announcements

Advisors!!!  Please enter your aircraft data for your assigned landing heat/positions.

I’ve attached a “how-to” document to guide you through the process.


If you have any issues, or you’re not seeing the contest listed as indicated on page 4 in the help guide, please contact or

Some of you have asked more specifically the location of the sims.  They are located at 101 N 6th St, Terre Haute, IN 47809.  Enter the east end of the building, walk towards the center of the building, and the sim lab is the room with the wall that looks like an aircraft fuselage.

Also, the preflight aircraft will be available for viewing 0900-1200 on Sunday, in addition to the times on Saturday.

Nightly Update

Hey All,

I hope you all had a great day of practice and welcome to our new arrivals!

Some have asked to enlarge the shutdown box. This should occur first thing in the morning. Remember to stand plenty of distance in front of the planned stopping point of your aircraft when performing marshaling duties.

We will sign up for tomorrow’s afternoon landing slots at 10am in the hangar. See you all there.

Good night!