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Plan for Tuesday.

Thanks for a great day today! We really appreciate your flexibility with the schedule changes.

Plan for Tuesday is to conduct the Nav event.

Judges will meet at 0730 in the Judges Lounge upstairs in the hangar.

Contestants should meet for a general briefing at 0800 in the hangar.

I still have packets for Kent, SJSU, Auburn, Daytona, Florida Tech, San Diego, And Air Force. I will be at the airport for a few hours tonight, please call or text and come pick them up if you want. Remember, they contain forms that need to be completed for Nav.

See you all tomorrow.

Aircraft Recognition Route and Timing


We have procured an aircraft recognition room at the Holmstead Hall Building on campus in room 103.  The event will be from 1600 to 1700.  To get there, head north on 8th street and take a left on Chestnut St. (technically not a street at that point) pass in front of University Hall until Chestnut dead ends near Holmstead.

Below is the pin:

84-06-21-280-007.000-002, Terre Haute, IN 47809

Below is an image of the route:

Hulman Center Entrance

Good Morning Contestants, Coaches and Volunteers,

Competition start is just a few hours away!  The judging staff is in the Hulman Center and we are happy to report everything is set up and looking great!

A note on entering the building.  The doors to the center off of 8th street on the WEST side of the building is the primary method for entering the Center.  Once through the doors, head straight into the main arena.  You can’t miss it!

See you all very soon!


Thanks for another safe day of flying practice! We’re really looking forward to officially kicking off the SAFECON tomorrow!

Reminder: From this point on, Any flying outside of scheduled competition events requires specific approval from the chief judge.

Judges Briefing is at 0800.

General Contestant Briefing is at 0930.

Lunch will be provided following the Contestant Briefing.

We’ll then continue with ground events as scheduled at

All events are at the Hulman Center. Parking is on your own for tomorrow.

See ya tomorrow!

4/29 Briefing Updates and Changes

Good Afternoon,

As we near the end of our practice rounds and near the opening  ceremonies tomorrow morning, we have two very important briefings coming up this evening at 4:30 and 5:00.  Both the new coaches/advisors orientation (4:30) and the all coaches/advisors briefing (5:00) will be at the airport.

Note, this is a change from the published schedule which said it would be on campus.  The briefings will be held upstairs down the hall from where the tower briefings were conducted in the room labeled “judges lounge.”  This is at the end of the hall past the Redbird simulators.

We look forward to seeing you all there!

Achievement Award Update

Now is your last chance to apply for the Men’s and Women’s Achievement awards!  The deadline to apply is tonight at 5PM.  In order to interview for the Achievement Awards you must:

  • Complete the online application for the Achievement Awards found HERE.
  • Schedule an appointment via the online Appointment Calendar for the event found HERE.

Please note that you must complete BOTH the application AND schedule an interview to be eligible.

Morning Announcements

Sign ups for afternoon landing slots will be at 10am. These will be the last slots available, and for safety reasons will favor recent arrivals.

New team orientation will be at 1630 in the observation deck upstairs in the hangar. This is for teams new to Safecon, or who haven’t recently attended Safecon, or for coaches/advisors who haven’t attended Safecon. This meeting is for coaches and advisors only.

There is a briefing for ALL teams (coaches and advisors only) at 1700 in the observation deck upstairs in the hangar. Among other topics, we’ll review this year’s Safety Quiz. Please have your quiz completed by noon today. If you have any specific questions you’d like addressed in this briefing, please submit them ahead of time to the e-comm desk link on

Have a great day of practice!