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Airplane Logistics

As of now, we’re looking at a gap between two lines of weather, in which if capable we’ll try to conduct a flying event.  If you’ve moved your airplanes to an outlying field for a hangar, you may want to start positioning a coach or advisor to retrieve them when the weather allows.  As I indicated before the airplanes moved, if we conduct an event and the airplane is not present, the slot is forfeited.  Please notify me via email at prior to retrieving your airplanes.  Thanks!

Sim/Preflight/IFR/CRM Slots

Just a quick reminder, the slots for these events are at a premium during a national SAFECON.  If you or your team are going to skip a slot to fly in a flight event, please update/cancel your appointment as soon as possible so another team can shift their plans.  This will help to ensure everyone has a slot that works for them.

Thank You!