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A Few Notes for Today

After the 8 am briefing we will stage one Short Field Landings heat and two Power-Off Landings heats. Those invited and interested to come out to the runway should meet outside the Admin Building (block house). ┬áThe NIFA Business Meeting, Captain’s Meeting, and Council Meeting will follow the landing tie-breaker. Also, the Preflight Event aircraft […]


Plan for Tomorrow

As mentioned to all advisors, we will meet at 8 am tomorrow for a landing tie-breaker contest. One person from each team is invited out to the runway as well as family members. The contest will have a live video stream. Judges meet at 7:45 am.

Updated Plan

The plan is to complete Short Field Landings and then immediately continue with the last round of Message Drop. Stage beginning with Heat 27 (SDCC, TSTC) through Heat 33. Also, the Chief Judge and Associate Chief Judge would like to quickly meet with one advisor from the following schools at the Admin Building (block house) […]

Tentative Plan For Saturday

Plan to meet at 0800 for a contestant briefing. Judges meet at 0730. We will start with Short Field Landings followed by the last round of Message Drop if time and weather permits. Please be prepared for a long day tomorrow to complete all events.