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NIFA Council Student Representative

The current NIFA Council student representative, Phil Wier, will be leaving at the end of his term.  We are actively seeking a new student representative to serve a two year term.  Travel, lodging, and expenses are paid by the NIFA Council.  Interested students should please fill out a short online application, found HERE and be present at the business meeting Saturday for the election.  This is a great opportunity to help contribute to NIFA and network with industry representatives.  Any questions should be directed to Phil Wier at or talk to Phil on the ramp.  Phil is a member of the University of Nebraska – Omaha Flying Mavs.

Achievement Award Update

Now is your last chance to apply for the Men’s and Women’s Achievement awards!  The deadline to apply is tonight at 5PM.  In order to interview for the Achievement Awards you must:

  • Complete the online application for the Achievement Awards found HERE.
  • Schedule an appointment via the online Appointment Calendar for the event found HERE.

Please note that you must complete BOTH the application AND schedule an interview to be eligible.

Safety Quiz & 4/29 Practice Landings

***REMINDER***  The deadline to complete the safety quiz is tomorrow at 12 noon!  This is required of all schools, and there will be a prize for the winning school.  All advisors have been emailed the instructions for the quiz and the password.  Please contact the Senior Chief Judge with any questions.


Signups for practice landing slots for tomorrow am will be held today at 5 PM in the student hangar.

Appointment Calendars & Schedules

The appointment calendars are now open for you to schedule an appointment for the various events that require one.  You can find the appointment calendars HERE.  The schedules for each of the appointment events are now published as well.  If you are having trouble finding a time slot for one of the appointment events, please consult these schedules first and see if you can work with the school that may have the time slot you want before contacting the senior judging staff.  The schedules are at:

Navigation Heat Sheet Published

The heat sheet for the Navigation Event has been published on the E-Comm Desk.  Please review this sheet and let us know as soon as possible if there are any problems with it!  It is also linked below for your convenience.  We will be inputting tail numbers and make/model later today.  The sheet will automatically update as we make these edits.

2018 Navigation Heat Sheet