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Sim/Preflight/IFR/CRM Slots

Just a quick reminder, the slots for these events are at a premium during a national SAFECON.  If you or your team are going to skip a slot to fly in a flight event, please update/cancel your appointment as soon as possible so another team can shift their plans.  This will help to ensure everyone has a slot that works for them.

Thank You!

Aircraft Recognition Route and Timing


We have procured an aircraft recognition room at the Holmstead Hall Building on campus in room 103.  The event will be from 1600 to 1700.  To get there, head north on 8th street and take a left on Chestnut St. (technically not a street at that point) pass in front of University Hall until Chestnut dead ends near Holmstead.

Below is the pin:

84-06-21-280-007.000-002, Terre Haute, IN 47809

Below is an image of the route:

Hulman Center Entrance

Good Morning Contestants, Coaches and Volunteers,

Competition start is just a few hours away!  The judging staff is in the Hulman Center and we are happy to report everything is set up and looking great!

A note on entering the building.  The doors to the center off of 8th street on the WEST side of the building is the primary method for entering the Center.  Once through the doors, head straight into the main arena.  You can’t miss it!

See you all very soon!

4/29 Briefing Updates and Changes

Good Afternoon,

As we near the end of our practice rounds and near the opening  ceremonies tomorrow morning, we have two very important briefings coming up this evening at 4:30 and 5:00.  Both the new coaches/advisors orientation (4:30) and the all coaches/advisors briefing (5:00) will be at the airport.

Note, this is a change from the published schedule which said it would be on campus.  The briefings will be held upstairs down the hall from where the tower briefings were conducted in the room labeled “judges lounge.”  This is at the end of the hall past the Redbird simulators.

We look forward to seeing you all there!